Our mission is to make global healthcare affordable and accessible at minimal cost

Reduce Human Error and Improve Patient Safety While Improving Productivity

ClinicalAssist will call Code Blue team and Rapid Response team for hospitalized patients and improve nurses' productivity by reducing nurses work burden.
  • Interactive voice communication with patient
  • Converts patient-provider conversations into structured notes, saving time and improving documentation accuracy
  • Robotic patient care assistant that retrieves patient data from the EMR and verbally relays it to healthcare providers, reducing workload and unnecessary testing
  • Reduce human error and exhaustion
  • Help improve nurse and physician productivity
  • Provides live stream monitoring of patients, enabling prompt intervention and preventing falls
  • Assists in patient triage and categorization, reducing wait times and improving patient outcomes
  • Telemedicine with Ai scribe revolutionizes remote consultations, enabling seamless communication while automatically transcribing patient encounters, enhancing efficiency, and improving documentation accuracy
  • Call Code Blue and RRT based on abnormal data.
  • Real-time monitoring of patient vital signs, enabling early detection of changes in health status
  • Allows patients to communicate in their preferred language while providers receive communication in English, enhancing patient-provider communication and reducing delays
  • Expedite order entry and improve nurse and physician workflows by allowing direct entry of critical patient orders at the bedside

Humanize medicine and reduce care delivery expenses

We offer readmission prevention, length of stay reduction, unnecessary test prevention programs along with hospital-owned AI-supported telemedicine platform.

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Our waiting room Ai for emergency department and ambulatory care clinics are designed to reduce overhead expenses. The Ai-supported medical education programs can be used in teaching medical students, residents, nurses and nurse practitioners.

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Invest in Doctor Ai® and Solve
Global Healthcare Crisis

RobotDoctor can serve as virtual primary care. Most of the common medical problems can be treated using this module where face to face visit may not be necessary. Usually, diseases develop gradually and all its symptoms do not appear at the same time.

Unlimited AI access will allow patients to test their symptoms multiple times during the course of a certain disease development process. Our services include both acute care and chronic care as well as both simple and complex medical problems. However, we strongly encourage patient to consult with physicians and not to depend on unsupervised AI recommendations. Please call 911 for emergency situations.